Thomas first became interested in real estate after helping his Father and Uncle build several master-craftsmen homes right here in Silicon Valley. He later joined his cousin and seasoned real estate veteran David Long at Sereno in 2016, after graduating from University of the Pacific where he played basketball and studied finance. Today he works alongside two other cousins in a family oriented business, regularly consulting his Father (Builder) and Sister (Architect). 

He helps his clients find success in a very competitive market with constant market updates, nonstop work effort, and unparalleled knowledge of pricing, inventory, and the ins and outs of the Bay Area Real Estate landscape. In the modern real estate market, there is more information than ever before. To succeed, you need a realtor that can quickly summarize and accurately analyze that info to help you make an informed decision that improves your lifestyle. Thomas prides himself on delivering sound and timely advice and a pleasant experience for every single one of his clients.

With his extensive knowledge and commitment to providing only the best and most timely information to his clients, Thomas has become the go-to source for Bay Area real estate insight and advice. Thomas also frequently keeps clients apprised of off market opportunities so they can see the full picture of what is available at any given moment. Contact Thomas and team today and let them help you with any of your real estate needs!

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"All of these 5 stars are the real deal, folks. We happened to come across Thomas at an open house in a Sunnyvale at a time when we weren't entirely locked down on our home buying needs. Everything from budget, to size, location, et cetera were flexible parameters in our home search. In fact, we had  driven at least two other listing agents nuts because our search was so wide. The bottom line was that we were lost before we met Thomas and I am pretty sure that we would still be looking if it wasn't for his expertise. Thomas has a very warm and fun personality which served him well with my over-analytic personality AND my wife's desire to have our home feel like her home... All in all, we are very glad to have worked with Thomas in our home buying process. Some family and friends advised us to try to cut deals with the listing agents of whichever homes interested us. We tried it and found that we couldn't ever become serious home buyers. We found those agents generally weren't looking after our best interest--UNLESS it is Thomas. Even though we initially were interested at the Eichler home in Sunnyvale, he was able to quickly understand that it wasn't the home for us. We highly recommend Thomas to anyone and look forward to addressing any housing needs (buying, selling, and/or remodeling) with him into the future"

Vikrant B.  |  Buyer